Gallery & Testimonials


"My best friend and I went a couple of months back and it was amazing. The crystal inventory was insane! We both felt such calming and loving energy as soon as we walked through the doors. I’ll definitely have to stop in again."​


"Amazing experience!!! Very calming and relaxing! I feel amazing! Terry is amazing! I feel 200% better physically, mentally and spiritually! My boys share the same thoughts!!!"


"The best relaxation in the calmest of environments. I truly feel better physically, mentally and spiritually every time I visit Terry."


"Terry is very calm and relaxed and completely focused. He’s the type of person that sets you at ease immediately upon meeting him."   

Luke Bruflat DC

"Attended an astrology class here. Wonderful staff, top notch class! I came from Wausau for it and I hope it becomes a series - I would continue to attend monthly. I didn’t buy anything but there was a wonderful crystal selection and book selection as well as rune sets for purchase which I don’t see as often. Cannot wait to come back here!"