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Danny Loosemore               Terry Flick 

Terry and Danny own and operate Soul and Synergy LLC, in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  Their store provides metaphysical related items such as crystals, show pieces, tarot decks, clothing, jewelry, and much more.  In addition, the store provides Reiki healing services with two practitioners including clinical hypnotherapy.  Numerous classes and workshops are offered ranging from Reiki courses to Astrology and Tarot to learning about Energy.  Their wellness and paranormal fair and conventions business, Meta Para Promotions, have numerous events year-round in the Wisconsin and Minnesota areas.  Soul and Synergy's online magazine, The Divination Society, includes a wide variety of articles focused on the art of divination. Soul and Synergy Radio is their platform to discuss all things metaphysical and includes guest appearances from professionals in the field as well as psychic and mediumship readings for the live audience.