Divination Lab

Free Event!

These are free sessions facilitated by a Soul and Synergy staff member. - Scroll down to register

As metaphysically minded people, most of us have multiple boxes of Tarot cards, a collection of pendulums, perhaps some runes and divining rods that we swear we are going to use someday.  We may read for ourselves or others on occasion, but want to get better using one or more of these tools.

Look no further... Soul and Synergy is providing you a venue to practice your talents in our Divination Lab.   The lab will be available on the second Wednesday of the month from 6:15p to 8:00p, but can extend as needed.

The Divination Lab is a place where you can come with your divination tools and practice on or with other group members.  In addition to practice,  a wide variety of divination tools will be available for you to try if you do not already have it in your collection.  Of course, if you're interested in purchasing a set of tools for yourself, the store will be open for you to buy your very own.   

Presentations, resources, and other information will also be shared during the session to learn about the various tools and methods to divine.  Instructors will vary from in-house staff to guest speakers.  

In addition to the lab, during the year we will be offering events open to the public to come in where you can practice your skills.  If this interests you, you are welcome to participate.  This can be an important part of your journey should you want to professionally practice your craft.  

Participants in the divination lab will be provided complimentary beverages and snacks.